The Face of A Thief?

Do you know this man? This picture appears on his Facebook listing - but I'd bet it's not really him! He's probably stolen the photo just as he has everything else he puts up online. (Funny that he didn't find a more handsome guy to impersonate....) He is cowering behind his computer screen and stealing property that belongs to other people to make a profit. I did a Google Search on Mr. Hans Peter Jeschke, and found out some interesting info... one thing is that he owns many, many web domains and spam sites. Another is that he's selling a link building service. Check it out:

So not only is he getting paid for Google ads on his site, generated by stolen content, but he's being paid from $9.90 to $14.90 per link by hapless and greedy idiots who think he'll drive traffic to their sites with his links. So THEY can make money from Google ads. I love how he says he has 'collected' his web site and blog links himself. That makes it sound SO much nicer and friendlier than 'I have a long list of blogs and web sites whose content I am stealing and whose links I am selling you without their knowledge or permission', doesn't it?

This guy is a piece of work, as an old friend of mine used to say.

Thank you, Andreas, for the heads-up on this. I'll send off another DMCA notice.

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  1. Very smart to post this because he'll probably post it on his spam blog automatically, which will announce to anyone who visits it that it's stolen content. Good thinking!

    It's really so annoying. I've had a few other sites do this to me with one or two posts, but he seems to rip everything off, day after day. Burns me up!

  2. Julia, I'm glad you got my note about YOUR stolen content. I'm right there with ya' on the 'burns me up!' comment!