Help Is On the Way!

Take a look over there on the top of my right sidebar... you'll see a new link list titled 'Dealing With Online Content Theft: Tips, Links, Resources, and Words of Wisdom'. I've added the resources I've discovered while on this strange and enlightening journey lately, in hopes that if YOU have the certain displeasure of being a victim of online content theft, you will have somewhere to go to assist you as you start taking action. If you know of other resources, please leave a comment here and I will gladly add them.

I appreciate all of the links, information, and assistance that my dear readers and friends have offered over this past month. It's been hell. I've experienced every emotion possible, compounded with looking like a huge idiot on my very own blog. But, again, I'm human. I fired first and asked questions later - and I've learned from it. Hopefully, so have you.

Please educate yourselves by reading through all of the materials offered - yes, including all of the links contained on the Google search page! - so that you are prepared to defend your intellectual and creative property. Because it WILL happen to you at some point. Yes, it will.

Seriously, if you still don't see how this is problematic for anyone with their business presence online - whether it's a Facebook page or a blog or a web site or an ad - let me put it to you this way:

Sitting back and letting online content theft happen without taking action is just like sitting behind your cash register and letting people walk into your store, pick up things they like, walk out without paying for them, and then put them up for sale in their stores.

We all have to act. We all have to stand up and protect what is our property. Just because it exists in text and images, instead of 3-D merchandise, does
not mean it is not valuable and considered 'inventory' or 'assets'. It costs us money that we can't recoup.

The words 'Inform. Educate. Empower.' are in my mission statement for a reason!


  1. I hear you! Loud and clear.

    Already many of the readers of my blog have taken the Blogging with Integrity pledge, and are spreading the word.

    Thanks for bringing this front and centre. And thank you for all the resources, I only wish that I had known about them when it happened to me.


  2. Wow. What a headache you have had! But I appreciate your willingness to share what you have learned in order to help others. That is true kindness, my friend, so thank you.

    For your sake, and the sake of others, I do hope this will be resolved very soon!

    In the meantime, enjoy some Starbucks coffee or better yet, try Cutter's Point. My hubby says it's even better than Starbucks. They have one in Kent!

  3. it has already happened to me friend. I hope this can stop...but sadly ...the fact is that there are those with no class or integrity
    I am sorry this has happened to you.

  4. This is so sad.........Such a shame that someone would do this intentionaly.

  5. Amen Sista!!! :)