Blast from the Past

I was just reminded by a reader of a previous Holiday season blog post: My Top Ten Ornament Display Ideas. Since it's a topic a lot of readers are searching for info on right now, I thought I'd run a copy of it again.... enjoy!

1. Turn a fan trellis (wood or wire) upside down – voila, it's a Christmas tree! Hang ornaments in between the supports.
2. Use wire wreath forms horizontally in graduated sizes to create a hanging ‘tree’ shape. Dangle ornaments, lights, and ribbons from both the outside and inside edges.
3. Fill tall glass vases and wide bowls with unbreakable ornaments (fabric, wood, resin) for a contemporary look.
4. Bring nature in: Big bare branches can sweep down from the ceiling to hold an array of twirling items. Paint black for Halloween, then flock white for Christmas & winter seasons!
5. Hang wire wreath forms on the wall in a line, then display ornaments of one color on each – create a rainbow. Great way to top a slatwall of hooks with ornaments on it.
6. Get Sweet! Pop pastel or bright ornaments into cupcake tins with paper liners, sundae and candy dishes, and even into real ice cream cones propped up in a juice glass! Try ice cream tubs, egg cartons, jewelry boxes…think outside the proverbial ornament box.
7. Fill up a real sink or bathtub with white poly batting, then nestle clear, white, and iridescent balls on top like bubbles. ‘Float’ a few above using fishing line. (Great way to highlight bath gift items)
8. Old windows and French doors, sans glass panes, can be hinged together to form a freestanding screen. Hang ornaments in each pane with ribbon. This forms a great backdrop for a vignette.
9. Don’t forget to use NON-ornaments on your trees, wreaths, tabletops, and mantel displays: teacups, plates, purses, books, toys, garden supplies, sachets, art, lamps, etc. Inspire your customers to use their personality to decorate.
10. Tree toppers are best displayed on mantels or in centerpieces – slip them into tall glass cylinder vases or slide them over a taper candle in a candlestick for stability. And on trees, use unique things like chandeliers, angel wings, giant snowflakes, etc. as toppers!

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  1. I love the look of the old windows and door hinged together.
    The other tips are good ones to.
    Upside down tomato cages make great trees too.