Deb's Video Series

Are you a retailer who sells product at home shows?
A wholesaler who sells products at gift shows? 
A dealer of handmade, vintage, or antique goods 
who sells at antique & vintage barn shows? 

Are you a first-time Farm Chicks Show vendor, 
wondering what you've signed on for?!

I have a great resource to share with you:

In 2008, I filmed six videos at the Farm Chicks show
to be broadcast on the Gift & Home Channel (now defunct) for retailers.
The videos contain information about successful visual merchandising, 
combined with interviews of some creative women 
who are very experienced and successful in this area of business:

Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards, The Farm Chicks
Heather Bullard, of Present Past Collection
Bari J. Ackerman, of BariJ Designs
Tammy Gilley, of Tammy Gilley Studios
and me!

Oh, and I was a blonde back then ;) 

Image Credit: DWK images 2007; 
Thank you to the Emmy-award winning video crew from Peak Video Productions in Spokane, Wa.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Thought you would probably be in town for The Portland Gift Show and we would enjoy having you visit our shop for some more display ideas! We are located in Gresham and have only been opened 6 months but with your video help, we have created a market!! Thanks Deb!!!

  2. Filming that video with you was so fun, Deb!! xoxo