Just shy of a year ago, I wrote a guest post for design*sponge
As part of their BizWomen series, my article offered advice on building your brand image to maximize your visual impact. Since I am preparing to speak about this subject in a few short weeks, I thought I'd share the information again. Here's a taste {and you can read the whole post on design*sponge here}

‘Tell Your Own Story’ in all visual communications.

Make your brand an expression of your business’ individual mission, purpose, style, and products or services – and then leverage that brand by using it in every visual medium at your disposal. This is the main opportunity for you to show your potential customers why YOU are different than others - be proud of your individuality and build on it.

1. Be Consistent
Plan the components of your design and utilize them across all mediums. From your business card to your web site to your store or office, the same visual elements should appear - color, logos, fonts, taglines, etc. should all flow seamlessly. There should be no question that they all reflect the best things about your business.

Think of it this way: When a potential customer sees your ad, finds your blog online, or is handed your business card, what is the next step for them? Probably to check out your web site and get more info on you. Then they’ll come to your place of business. Will they see the same business image in all of those mediums? Does your image engender confidence?

When I work with clients to build their brand image visually, I help them choose elements that can be used in many mediums and materials to express a consistent image. We create a ‘brand palette’ that incorporates all of those elements to use in their brand expression. From the paint on the walls to the fixtures holding merchandise to the sign outside, it all plays off of their logo and business attributes. It’s experiential marketing because it immerses the customer into the brand – quite literally: When they walk into your place of business, your brand image surrounds them.

To read the other four things you can do, go here...

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{'Tell Your Own Story' is a DWK tagline}

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  2. Hey Deb I love this. I love the logo that I got from an online logo service. Did you see it on my doors? It makes the place look so much more established, and I could swear it raised the "energy" in the place. Learning about business is so fun!