Gettin' Wild With It!

As promised, here's the second post about the Wild Fibers LYS (Local Yarn Shop)
and its hotshot owner, Sarah Parker. ;0) 
She's a bonafide Wild Woman... let me show you why!

Remember that display above from my YMN Conference stage presentation? 
Sarah took notes. 
And created THIS in her store window:
Yes, Sarah took my inspiration and ran with it
Right down to having her very own giant knitting needles made! 
The giant purple 'work-in-progress' hanging in the window, 
with a cheerful chartreuse wall as a background, 
is positively traffic-stopping from the outside.
From the colors used to the needles to the 'yarn balls',
every detail  is perfect.

Oh, and then on the other side of the entrance
{with the purple-painted door!},
she put this together:
Notice that she provided two viewpoints for this window display:
From the front, out the window, AND from the back - 
because inside her shop, on your way out the door.
you walk right.past.this.display ;0)
It's a WONDERFULLY inspiring view 
as customers leave with their purchase in hand... 
and don't you think that kind of visual 'goodbye' 
makes them want to come BACK?! Yes!

But wait... there's MORE!

These photos show a huge cabinet that Sarah found in a thrift shop. 
It was green. An 'OK'green, which caught her eye, 
but it wasn't really 'HER' yet. 
After a few coats of chartreuse green paint, 
and having a mirror cut to fit in the back space,
it's definitely her!!!

It serves as a great visual draw as you enter the store - 
it beckons you in and connects visually
to the chartreuse color on the logo wall further back.

If you look at the bottom photo very closely,
you can see the vibrant purple paint 
on the wall of her classroom at the back of the store.
This connects visually to the front door, and to her logo wall.

Sarah has created a brand image of color, creativity, and energy
and immersed her customers in it
from the moment they spy her front windows.
Yup. She paid attention. ;0)
Join me, won't you,  as I offer a standing ovation
to this well-deserving young entrepreneur?
I expect continued creativity and success from her!
Way to go, Sarah!

Visit Wild Fibers in Mt.Vernon, Washington 
and online at www.WildFibers.net

{image credits: DWK for Wild Fibers; used with permission;
all rights reserved by Wild Fibers}

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