A Walk on the Wild Side

I spent today with a retailer who is determined to do everything she can 
to make her business succeed. And it's working! 

Sarah owns Wild Fibers, a wonderful Local Yarn Shop in Mt. Vernon, Washington, and we met at the YMN Conference in Seattle in March.  At the close of my presentation there, Sarah hired me as a color consultant to help her choose effective paint colors for her retail space. I helped her create a palette of colors that reflect her business brand {which is bright, happy, cheerful, and much like her own bubbly personality}. She has been busy painting for a month, utilizing them in the various areas of her space to direct attention and gain visual impact. {Including a purple front door. Oh yeah!} Sarah told me that she's had many suggestions and a lot of feedback regarding colors for her store - I can't wait to hear some of the comments she gets when her regulars get a load of that door!!!

Today, I painted her business logo on the wall behind the cash wrap.
Doing this accomplished several objectives: 

*The color is a vibrant visual draw, and pulls people toward the back of her long store. 
After looking at it, the eye travels to the products displayed beyond it - and people walk over into that corner.

*The shop name on the wall also helps her build brand image. 
A graphic like this puts an indelible picture in the minds of customers - when they leave, that colorful bright graphic image sticks in their minds' eye. When they hear the word 'wild' or 'fiber', this image will immediately come to mind and remind them of the shop.

*And on a practical note, Sarah will never have to answer the question 'Who do I make the check out to?' again. It's right there in front of her customers as she rings up their purchases.

This is a great shot of the logo wall, the warm & cheerful colors chosen to accent the space, and the power of color on a display fixture. I'm going to share more of Sarah's displays with you in a coming post.... she has always done a great job with her windows and I know you'll find her latest creations very inspiring. Visit her web site to see a few before & after shots of the store.

By the way, Sarah created her own FABulously professional logo.
I told you she was determined!

{images by Debi Ward Kennedy for Wild Fibers}

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  1. Deb -- that is amazing work! You do realize how packed out with talent you are, don't you??? ;)

    Great, great job! I don't know ANYONE who works as hard as you! No one!! :)