Style & Simplicity on Display

image by Ted Kennedy Watson | WatsonKennedy

One of the people I respect most in the retail visual merchandising world is Ted Kennedy Watson, owner and proprietor of the WatsonKennedy stores in Seattle. Ted has a marvelous eye for selecting unique products, and for presenting them in beautifully-arranged vignettes in his stores. His method of combining brand new merchandise with vintage and antique finds is inspiring. And tiring! When I lived in Seattle and was scouring Craigslist for unique items to use in store displays and to sell at vintage shows, I often lost out to Ted - who seemed to always get there before me!

Ted has a new book on the market, Style & Simplicity, focusing on the elements of style for home decor and entertaining that are attainable by anyone - under his expert tutelage, of course. Savvy retailers will also find inspiration for creating engaging retail displays, as well. To market the book in his stores, he and his visual team have created a stunningly simple and engaging window display, one that tells a story at first glance - and aren't those the BEST displays?!

 Another window display was created in a completely different style
to showcase the book, as shared on the WatsonKennedy facebook page:

To see Ted's display work and learn more about his creative process (with more photos), 
check out his latest blog post HERE.

ps: no, Ted and I are not related in any way!

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