Picture That!

Yesterday I snapped photos of a few displays at the Rogers Gardens Gallery shop,
 because this idea is a really simple and inexpensive way to elevate your displays...

remove the 'stock photo' insert in the frames you are selling, 
and replace that piece of paper with another!

More Ideas after the Jump...

What KIND of paper, you ask?

*How about wrapping paper? Paper napkins? Scrapbook paper?
(all available in many patterns and every color of the rainbow, 
sure to coordinate with any feature display palette you conjure!)
*Old sheet music or Illustrated book pages for vintage style?
*Newspaper, SANDpaper, or aluminum foil for an industrial vibe?

 Gone are the photos of strangers staring at your customers, 
making them wonder why THEIR relatives aren't that photogenic.
Now it's just a palette of color, texture, and possibility! 

(you might want to save those stock photo sheets, though... 
 you never know when you might need a lot of black & white photos for a backdrop!)

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