Love is an Upcycled Door!

"Okay... can I just say something crazy??!!
All my life has been a series of doors in my face, 

and then suddenly I realized I could use them to create displays...
Love is an upcycled do-o-or..."

( oh, wait, that's not exactly how Princess Anna sings it, is it?! ;) wink. )

For over two decades,
I've been teachin' and preachin' that using vintage and re-claimed materials
is just a SMART way to 'do' displays - it's cheaper, it's greener, 
and it's far more interesting than using store-bought fixtures and props!
I love finding great examples of that philosophy to share with you...
The woman in the photo above is Alisun, of BeatriceHoliday.
Alisun is a jewelry designer who creates amazing pieces from recycled bike chains!
I met her on Sunday, when I attended a new vintage market in my area: Trading Post 1908.

I was VERY impressed with the simple, creative, and effective way Alisun displayed her products:
She's used reclaimed materials to create fixtures and props,
like the table made from a solid wood vintage door and four screw-in plumbing pipe legs.
Boxes of various sizes, made from pallet wood, provide elevation for mannequins and displays.
And jewelry forms & mannequins re-covered with linen fabric.

Another solid wood vintage door hangs horizontally from her pop-up tent,
with old nails providing a way to hang multiples of products.

The whole effect is very product-focused because of the clean color palette and spacious layout...
it makes her dark-tone jewelry stand out in contrast to the pale backgrounds.
 It ALSO breaks down and packs flat for transport - a BIG plus for vendors at shows!
She was a doll to chat with, 
and I appreciate her allowing me to photograph her booth to share it with you. 
Thanks, Alisun!

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