debi the decorating diva

They call me 'Decorating Diva Deb'...
because it is what I AM as well as what I DO

If you found me by way of my web site, www.thedecodiva.com, you already get the name thing. If you came from my other blog, Hummadeedledee, you get the cartoon graphic thing.
If I actually told you about my blog, I hope I warned you that it isn't like 'normal' blogs. I apologize if I didn't!

Let me just say that I am a crazed, obsessed, compulsive designer/decorator. With a background in Disney that causes my attraction to cartoon-like characters and silliness. And an energy level that could power the state of California (and they could use that right now, with the heat wave maxing out their grid and all...good thing I will be in San Francisco soon!)The stories I could tell about my formative years would have you open-mouthed and shaking your head in wonder. Wonder how I am allowed to roam freely, most likely.

I am that friend you call when you need to choose a paint color and are tired of standing in the paint aisle at Home Depot with glazed eyes and a look of hopelessness on your face. I have even been known to help choose paint colors over the phone, via instant messaged photos taken with the friend/client's phone cam. I know, I know. Crazed.

I am that psycho shopper who will actually take products from the lowest shelf because I refuse to mess up the display, and I must admit to even straightening up displays in stores that I do not design for. It's a bit like 'Random Acts of Kindness' - only it's 'Random Acts of Display'.

Never leave me alone in a room with a brush and a can of paint. Never.
Never leave me alone in a room, period. When you return, the furniture will be re-arranged to maximize space, the accessories will have been culled, and the window treatments will have been altered. Husbands have banned me from houses because of this. I tend to incite wild shopping sprees (at discount stores, mind you) and painting frenzies. (Why do men hate color on walls? WHAT IS THE DEAL?)

Professionally, I design retail stores, displays, and event decor.
I write articles about these subjects, and also speak at trade shows and conventions.
Fits me well...for, as you can tell, I am never at a loss for words!

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