Deck the Halls Displays

This post is an excerpt from the article that appears on page 88 of the July/August Issue of Country Business Magazine. I was asked to contribute ideas, and that information is in this part of the article. My appreciation goes out to writer Julie Ross! Do grab a copy and read her entire article.

‘Tis the season of window shopping, and festive displays can really draw a crowd.

This year, move beyond the traditional Christmas tree and manger scenes to create themed displays that showcase your store’s individuality. Debi Ward Kennedy, a retail visual design consultant from the Seattle area, encourages retailers to spice up their Christmas trees by displaying both Holiday and non-holiday gifts. She suggests using non-ornaments, such as teacups, plates, purses, toys, garden supplies or feather boas on your trees or tabletop displays, or create themed trees based around the product categories for which your store is known. When it comes to displaying ornaments, mix things up by showcasing the colorful baubles on items rather than evergreen boughs. Dangle ornaments down a fishing line suspended from the ceiling, or fill tall glass vases with unbreakable fabric, wood, or resin ornaments for a contemporary look.

(By the way, did you know you can pick up copies of Country Business magazine and other trade publications at trade shows?)

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