Baby Baby Grand

Not just another piano...
It's only a foot and a half tall!

I just returned from San Francisco, and while I saw many wonderful products and people there, I have to say that the STAR of the show was this line of children's pianos from Schoenhut.
(And I LOVE the music on their website intro - it's the Charlie Brown theme!)

So, obviously, these are intended for use by children as both a toy and as a learning tool. The staff working the booth was plonking away on them, playing actual Chopin and Mendelssohn sonatas on the diminutive keyboards!

I used one (pink!) in my display onstage because I see endless possibilities in this product for merchandising. Sell bridal & formal gowns, jewelry, top hats, tuxedos? How about sheet music, or even classical or jazz music CD's? Black & white photographs of movie stars? Or maybe Ray-Ban sunglasses? Picture this as the stunning eyecatching centerpiece of a display of any of those. (I wouldn't recommend putting it in a window, tho - the sun will damage the finish). It's a no-brainer for childrens' clothing - all those dressy dressses and little suits would just be a darling accompaniment to the piano. (And yes, pun intended!!)

Here's a little story that had me nearly rolling in the show aisle with laughter...
The sales reps told me that one of the hottest new niches for this product is pet stores and boutiques that sell pet products.
????? WHY, you ask?????
People are buying them so they can give Fifi and Fido piano lessons.
Yes, I said piano lessons for dogs. Amazing.

Hey, Snoopy played Schroeder's baby grand......
(cue Charlie Brown theme music)

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