This Week, By the Numbers...

Just a peek at the busiest week of my summer:
1. Saturday:Finish shopping, review lists, file receipts, create custom artwork poster, organize decor elements & stage to load Friday AM for Friday's Auction of Washington Wines Winemaker Dinner at Columbia Winery.
2. Sunday:Gather & prep all props needed for re-set of main retail shop displays at Columbia Winery on Monday; load Sunday PM.
3. Monday: All day - Reset main retail shop displays & install new fall merchandise at Columbia Winery.
4. Tuesday:Prep Seattle Gift Show North Hall Exhibitor Display props & supplies for Thursday install.
5. Wednesday:Review Seattle Gift Show seminar notes/outline. Gather & prep all props needed for on-stage setup for seminar. Load these plus Exhibitor display props PM tonight.
6. Thursday:AM -Seattle to SGS; unload seminar props into storage room; unload Exhibitor display props to Lobby. All-day setup of Exhibitor Display area. PM - DD & I stay at Paramount Hotel.
7. Friday:AM - DD & I travel home, load AWW decor, back to winery. All-day setup of dinner event decor. Assistant is at SGS finishing exhibitor display. Friday: PM - @ midnight (after event ends), pack up event decor & store at winery until Sunday. Take DD home and head to Paramount Hotel.
8. Saturday: AM - set up stage display for seminar and walk show to find props, etc. to use & promote. PM - seminar 2:30 to 4:0 pm, plus half an hour to answer questions after. Return any props to exhibitors, pack up my props and load. Sleep at Paramount Hotel.
9. Sunday: Drive home, unload seminar props; drive back to winery & load all event decor. Take home, unload.
10. Monday: AM - Shopping at Seattle Gift Center for new holiday decor for winery. PM - Meeting with event staff at Vinado in Seattle to plan facility remodel.

And after all THAT, Tuesday, August 22nd is our 26th wedding anniversary!
Hubby and I are staying at the luxurious Willows Lodge in Woodinville, having a marvelous dinner by Chef Bobby Moore at The Barking Frog Restaurant there, and a bottle of bubbly by the fireside in our room....
After which, I shall promptly fall asleep.....and even my Prince Charming may have trouble waking me! ;o)

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