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Seattle Gift Show North Hall Exhibitor Display
(ummm...NOT located in the North Hall, but the South Hall - and YES, that is confusing!)

On Thursday, I'll be at the convention center, working with my design assistant Karen to set up a display filled with products from exhibitors who are located in the North Hall. If you've never been to the Seattle Gift Show, the North Hall is located across a fab glass 'skybridge'...and is oft referred to as 'Never Never Land'. This display is meant to heighten awareness of what is offered way over there...basically, we attract attention at the entrance to the main show floor. Buyers see these products, and then make the effort to go to the booths to talk to the exhibitors. It's a great way for exhibitors in the North Hall to increase their visibility - and it's FREE!

It is fascinating to see the wide variety of products that exhibitors bring to me...we get everything from huge cabinets & swings to tiny earrings and rings. Every gift show I have been to has some sort of display area like this, so I thought I would offer a few tips to those of you who might participate in them...

When you choose an item, or items, to have placed in the display, remember a few important points:

*You have to sign up to participate in these displays ahead of time - so PLAN ahead! Choose items before you pack up for the show, so that you can take two of each item you want to use - one for your booth display, and one for this other display area. Check the rules on size, dropoff location, and deadlines. (Please don't arrive at the end of the last setup day with a huge item. It ain't gonna' happen!!!!)

*Bright colors are more visible and will attract attention. If you choose multiple items, color-coordinate them so that when they are displayed together, they will look their best and present your business professionally.

*The size of your product should be as big as you possibly can get it - tiny jewelry just disappears in a huge space.

(There are usually size restrictions - our guideline is 18" square. Don't ask about the furniture.....)

*Bring props for items like jewelry - a neck form or even a large rock to drape the necklace over will give it prominence. A ceramic hand that can hold necklaces and wear bracelets is excellent. Make it match your style...

*Focus on items that express what you are known for, what your style is, and use what you are featuring in your print ads & brochures at the time of the show.

*The biggest tip: Don't repeat yourself! If you always take part in these displays, then provide fresh, new product every time. There is nothing sadder than hearing comments like "OH, it's that same old wood carving again...seen that for five years in a row." Show your new products every time!

In our display area at the SGS, business cards & brochures are not allowed. This keeps our displays clean, crisp, and all about the product. Every product is accompanied by a tent card, printed with the exhibitor name, show division, and booth number. We get them to your booth, then you sell your products!

Best of luck to all exhibitors... and if you are setting up at the SGS on Thursday,
come by the 4th floor lobby and say hello! And check out my other blog for photos of what we did with the display this year...

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  1. 26 Yrs?? Has it really been that long? Are we that old? I am so proud of the two of you for sticking it out. Give your other half my love. Have a wonderful time and relax!! You deserve it. Love you both very much.