Columbia Holiday Decor

This year we totally redesigned the decor for Columbia, buying new elements that reflect the crisp, clean, contemporary style of the new corporate logo. It's a refreshing change from heavy, dark colors, warm colors! We incorporated silver, white, tan, sage green, and bronze for a wintry look. Fresh and simply elegant, the tree, wreaths, garlands, and swags welcome guests and employees alike.

The tree was an 'issue'...for years, there has been a twelve foot tall tree just inside the entrance door, in front of a window. (It used to be fourteen feet - but they cut the top off of it at some point so it would fit. So it always looked like it was growing up into the second floor. Lovely.) With a circumference of about eight feet, that tree not only stuck out into the walkway, but also blocked any and all daylight coming in the window. (And here in the Northwest, that isn't much this time of year!) It also had a broken stand, which meant we had to wire the trunk to hooks in the walls to make sure it never fell on an unsuspecting visitor. SOOOOOO much fun. Anyway, we bit the bullet and bought a new tree, and relocated it's position to beside the fireplace. This pairs with the mantel garland and creates a gorgeous photo opportunity for guests. They are already having employees shoot their picutes in front of it, to use for Holiday greeting cards.

Now, buying a new tree should be no big deal...but it was.
First, the vendor sold out, so they called and told us we couldn't get the one we ordered. So, we had to go back to the showroom and choose another. Shorter. Tree. UGH. Two feet shorter. And THAT is why, dear reader, the photo above shows the tree sitting on a stand. It is a fab box that my handy carpenter hubby built and we painted to match the shop wall color. It holds the tree stand securely AND gives it that nice added boost of two and a half feet that makes for a stately pine. Perfect solution. To date, and to my knowledge, only six or seven employees have vocally mourned the passing of the big monstous tree. It sits ignored in the corner of the cellar storage area. I just tell them all it's 'cellar holiday decor', the easy way.

Some close ups of the tree decor... The silver stag ornament is a direct reference to the new logo, which features the cupola of the winery and the weathervane on top. Which, amazingly enough, is a stag. Funny how that works out!


  1. Maryann8:37 PM

    This is a great story! And it all came out looking very lovely. Thanks for sharing!
    I have a question for you: When you are decorating various venues, do you use your own stuff or does the venue supply it? If they supply it, how do you deal with things that are old or not working? If you supply it, do you charge the vendor somehow? And what if something of yours gets broken while in use at their place?
    Hope you don't mind me asking!

  2. maryann, with Holiday decor, I use the clients' items (residential & corporate). It IS sometimes hard to make their stuff look really good, too! That's when I make suggestions of things to replace, toss, buy, etc.and I try to do that in a very kind way....not an 'Ah, DAHlink, this is AWFUL, it simply MUST go!'but more of a 'You know, adding a few dozen silver ornaments to this mix would REALLY make a statement.....are you up for it?' Then I'll find a way to use the 'offensive' items in another display somewhere - that way it is OUT, but not prominent.My big goal when decorating someone's home for the Holidays is to show them how to incorporate their personality into the tree, mantel, etc., how to use things they have in a new way, and how to decorate the areas of their home that THEY see on a daily basis - not just what their guests would see.I hear "I would NEVER have thought of doing that!' alot!

    I use many of my own items for retail displays, and I charge a fee for each item and how long it is 'on loan' at a client's store.That way, if it does get broken, damaged, ruined, or heaven forbid STOLEN (and it happens, sadly) I am compensated for it. I never use my most valuable items for that, tho - I keep them and use them for setups at my own seminars & presentations. That way I can keep an eye on them!!!

    And of course I dont' mind you asking! Thanks so much for visiting...