Tickin' Away....

The Bangles said "Time, Time, Time...Tickin' away from me...."
Tim McGraw sings "Tickin' Away"... and every day I find myself looking at the clock more often than the day before.

This is NOT how I want to spend my holiday season!!!

So, major mind adjustment today, as I get down to the nitty gritty of designing the setups for my upcoming Holiday Decorating seminar. My new mantra: Time is irrelevant. I am seeking FLOW, that mystical mindset of the etherworld where time, space, limitations, and properties of the tangible do not exist. Today, I will enter into my chosen work with the attitude that I am a channel through which ideas and inspiration will flow from the ultimate Creator. I don't have to 'come up with' anything! I just have to let myself see the possibilities that already exist.

It's quite simple, really: I just need to let the stress go and focus on the fun!

As I work on my themed setups, here's a look back at last years' presentation:

Copper, Persimmon, and Chocolate Brown for fall
(the chocolate-scented candle I used is sitting beside my bed to ensure sweet dreams each night!)

Shabby Chic comes to Thanksgiving dinner, with creamy whites, gold, and sparkle.
A Diva Christmas, with hot pink, cranberry, red, and feather boas!
Hannukah at Tiffany's, with traditional silver, crystal, and blue.

This year I am focusing on three styles:
Contemporary (chic silver, white, crystal - and maybe some very mod black)
Traditional (red, white, green with a Christmas Teaparty theme)
Antique (browns, greens, golds, with an outdoor theme and NeSts!)

So, I am off to pull out boxes, rummage thru decor accessories, and create some very messy mayhem in the process. It'll be fun...

'Cause like I always say, "It's not called disWORK, it's called DisPLAY!" ;o)


  1. Maryann7:21 AM

    hehehe, good quote at the end! :)

    also, i like what you said about FLOW. i am going to print it out to remind myself to relax and see the possibilities. thank you!

    and of course--lovely displays!! thanks for sharing!

  2. here! here! sister! i love your philosophy; it is all about the play, through that you can create with abandon and fun! don't you just love rummaging through your sorted materials and finding new combinations or bringing something tired back to life with a new pairing or some paint and glitter? it IS the most wonderful time of the year! You go, girl!


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