A Bit Bookish....

A great resource for visual presentation is the Pottery Barn series of decor style books.
Created by the talented designers at PB, nearly every room in a home is covered - plus some. Most of the series is pictured above - it's my own collection - tho I have yet to grab the 'Kids Rooms' available at PB Kids stores. (Personally, I'm waiting for the 'Garages' book.... ;o) ) EDITED TO ADD: I just got in from shopping, and found the PB Kids book on sale for $14.99 - so I bought it! Hey, I have a grandson to decorate for!!!)
I've been building my collection gradually, and I received two more editions as Christmas gifts!

FABulous ideas for outdoor furniture, plants, tabletop, and event decor.

Innovative presentations for office supplies, furniture, and it will come in VERY handy when I undertake my own 'Office Makeover: Extreme Edition' next month. (Sans Ty & the Gang, darn it....hey, I helped YOU guys out when you were here in Washington!!!)

This was the first book in the series that I purchased, and I consider it one of the best for my purposes. Great ideas for merchandise/product displays of any type, as well as home decorating tips.

One of my favorite authors is Alexandra Stoddard.

I admire her innate design sense and infallible use of color, and I am inspired by her philosophy of design, decorating, and living. I have all of HER books, as well, and was excited to read in the January issue of Country Living magazine that Sandie's new book will be available soon. Here is the blurb from the mag:

I highly recommend a visit to her website www.alexandrastoddard.com.

image credits: Alexandra Stoddard photo and book photo/information from Country Living magazine, January 2007 issue.


  1. I have been eyeing those PB books for some time now! Good books like that are an investment, but worth it. I am drooling over the Storage/Display one! Even though there is no PB here, I am a junkie for it all.

  2. Hay, miss Saucy, I'll let YOU in on my dirty little secret:

    I only paid full price ($24.99 USD) for the 'Storage & Display' book.It is worth EVERY penny and then some! I love it. The rest, I got at Ross discount store for $7.99 each. I just keep going in and checking...one particular store here always seems to have one or two! The PB Kids book for $14.99 was on sale at the store, but honestly, it's not that great.

    So, check out Ross, Marshalls, etc. - maybe even 1/2 Price Books, if you have those up in the Great White North!