Here Comes the Bride!

I spent today at the Seattle Wedding Show, with the youngest of my three daughters. She became engaged on December 26th, and her wedding will be next winter (Most likely late January, since my Nov/Dec/early January is so busy!) ...but it's never TOO early to begin planning. So, off we went. In the midst of the cakes and dresses and flowers and musicians and DJ's and videographers and photographers.....sheesh. No wonder we don't take the men to these things.....well, anyway, I found a couple of fabulous displays. (I can't help it, I just gravitate toward these things....) Check out the photo above. Now, see the two below.

This is a painted backdrop for a floral designer's booth. I just LOVE the clean, simple, graphic forms and the sculptural floral arrangements - which are 100% REAL and held in a vase attached to the backdrop. It just makes your eye go directly to the flowers, which IS the point of her booth after all. Fabulous job! Can't you just imagine all of the many, many products that you could highlight with this type of display? Shoes. Jewelry. Handbags/purses. Backpacks for kids. Baby diaper bags. The hands could hold pet leashes. Amazing possibilities!!! You could paint it on your actual wall, on posterboard or heavy paper, on a screen of FomKore, or a roll of canvas. Joanne LaVassar designed this, and she is the owner/designer of LaVassar Florists in Seattle. Go to
www.lavassar.com for more lovely photos of her work. Nice gal, too - she was happy to let me photograph her booth so I could share it with you. Thank you, Joanne!!!

This was REI's traffic-stopping display feature. Cracked me up!!!

Anything that catches the eye and makes the customer stop and stare is GOOD when it comes to display - be brave and go out on a limb a bit! (And don't doubt for a MINUTE that there have not been people who have been married looking just like this. As the mother of a daughter who was married in a stellar Star Wars stage production wedding, I can tell you that just about every interest and hobby can be made into a wedding theme!!!)
Here is REI's version of a caketopper... And YES, you CAN buy this at REI stores! The cake was real climbing rope for display, but I'd bet you could get a bakery to replicate it in frosting. (Check out www.amazingcakes.com for some truly...ummm....amazing....cakes!)
So, when it comes to wedded daughters, score is: two down, one to go... and when my SON gets to this point, I'll happily throw the rehearsal dinner and then relax!!!!

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  1. I just popped by because my long-time friend, Saucy, has your site listed as a "must see"! I enjoyed reading of your adventures ~ congrats on your daughter's engagement & grandson! I got really excited when I read of Midwest of Cannonfalls because I've been searching for "Initially Yours" letters S, M & R but they are nowhere to be found. I am hoping not to have to make the letter S! I'll check by again soon!