More Makeover Magic....

A little more of the Associates Marketing Group Seattle showroom makeover....
BEFORE:This is the back wall, what you see when you walk into the space.

(A bit hard to see the fabulous products, isn't it?)
My immediate response was to plan a setup that brought in the existing other fixtures that match the big hutch, and to move those rustic wood fixtures to the center of the wall to demand attention. The shelving would move outward, to the sides of the main display area. This pulls focus to the center and highlights the garden/outdoor products that would be featured in the center for the spring/summer season launch.
BEFORE:Here's the big hutch:

BEFORE:Here's one of the cabinets that match it - located in the front window.

BEFORE:And here is the other cabinet that matches, holding kitchen ware in the other half of the showroom.
(This is the wall where the Oenophilia wine products are in the last post on this makeover).

A sketch of the new setup, with all three fixtures together and the shelving moved outward to allow the natural light into the space:

And when the fixtures are moved, and the product added, here is what it looks like:

Look at how the light hits the glassware! It was barely noticeable before on those dark shelves!
Time for adding the final touches ran out - so the trellises and pots of bright colorful flowers are missing. I also suggested that she add a large sign with the AMG logo on it above the cabinet - since it is the first thing you see when you walk into the space, it is a perfect place to build her brand awareness. Simple things like that can really make an impact.

It's not necessary to spend a fortune on new fixtures to make your store, showrrom, or even home look fresh. Simplify, organize, group by color or purpose/use, and take advantage of the field of view to create impact.

(And of course, you can always call ME to come help you out!!!) ;o)

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