Women Seeking Inspiration?

If you are a woman, and an aspiring, new, or even seasoned veteran of owning your own business, I recommend that you grab the March 2007 issue of Country Living magazine. Starting last year, Country Living devoted the March issue to Women Entrepreneurs. Response has been tremendous, as women all over the world are seeking ways to turn their interests, hobbies, ideas, and passions into businesses. Sprinkled thru the issue are tips, info, inspiration and features that are very valuable to women in ANY stage of building a biz.
The back side of the magazine is a 'bonus issue', filled with all kinds of creative ideas for workspaces and more features on women in business. You can also go online to Country Living to see more, and to read about the 'Women Entrepreneurs Celebration of Creativity' event in Chicago, sponsored by CL. (MAN I wish I could go this year!)

Note the resources listed on the bottom of page 15: craftandhobby.org, ladieswholaunch.com, and Bliss Guild - my personal favorite! I've been a member of this online women's business community for over eight years, and contacted CL editor Frances Bailey about us after seeing last year's magazine issue. Having us 'blurbed' in this issue is truly gratifying. It is so important to have a support system, networking groups, and research assistance - online communities provide this so easily. Because we are located around the globe, there is no competetive activity and we can share freely about what works, what doesn't, what we've learned, etc. An unbeatable combination!

We gals have to stick together, ya know?! (Sorry guys....)

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  1. I am eating this issue up, just as I did last year! Thank you for the link the Bliss Guild, I hadn't found that one yet!