Hogue Cellars Redesign, Part Deux

Refresher: Above is the floorplan of Hogue Cellars Retail Shop. Entry mid-right, cashwrap center, tasting bar lower left. Today we'll look at the changes to the upper left quadrant.
I blew it on the shot of the entire 'Before', as I had already stripped two of three shelf units before I remembered to take a picture...(I was in overdrive!)

Above is the view from the front doors, across the shop, including the cashwrap station.

Same view, After. The cashwrap got cleaned up, candy placed in a tiered bowl for ease of shopping & stocking, and a much nicer look. The topiary just softens the edge - Feng Shui!
The shelf units beyond hold three separeate 'stories' of merchandise, but they all relate by using similar colors. The tones of the wood bowls, cutting boards, etc. on the left are echoed by the baskets holding varied acrylic picnicware on the right, and in the center is a collection of 'grape'-themed items: plates, coasters, a tray, glasses, bowls, etc. The tops of the units now hold stained glass panels that had been scattered throughout the shop - bringing them together makes more sense and focuses on the 'grape' theme below. The large-format bottles that had been on top looked too heavy and unstable - they were moved to the back of the tasting bar so that their funny labels (featuring Garfield the Cat, created because Mike Hogue knows Jim Davis, Garfield's creator) can be appreciated.

Some large-scale ferns soften the hard edges of the units and add a feeling of nature, the outdoors. At the end of the shelving is a small table with a grape-motif mosaic on top. This holds a small basket fixture that corrals acrylic plates that will not stack! Keeps the presentation clean & neat (and easy to stock). This became a small vignette with the addition of a wall-hung wine rack. Adding wine in quantities of at least six bottles per shelf unit keeps the look unified.

Close up of the table at the end. (Note: If this table had a tablecloth on it, it wouldn't work. Too bulky and it would draw all the attention away from the shelves. This is light, airy, picnic-y, and not visually intrusive.) Even doing something as simple as reorganizing three shelf units makes a HUGE impact in this space - so remember that restyling your displays doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Tackle one small area at a time if you have to! It will reap large results in sales volume.

This little vignette is directly across from the shelves. The cashwrap has a curved front counter and this straight back counter. It has an extra register, but was generally used to drop stuff onto. It was a bit messy. I cleared it all and created this little grouping of olives, oils, and a few 'olive'-themed accessories - which I chose because there wasn't enough of it to devote shelves to it, but it needed to be highlighted. This area is perfect for small, end-of-line showcasing.
(All of those little 'herbs-in-pots' I tucked in were snapped up by an employee the next morning!!!!)

Next up, we'll move to the tasting bar side of the room....after I return from my trip to The Lone Star State!

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