Extreme Makeover: Winery Edition, Part Three

I went over to Prosser, Washington to Hogue Cellars yesterday (man, that sunshine was blinding!) and got my final photos of the VIP Event Room that has been a project since early spring. The custom furniture arrived from California, was placed, and I am just pleased as punch with the results. Let me show you...

(Would you call this 'the Cafeteria look'? I would!)


This shot was taken with only the wall wash lighting on.....when you add candlelight to this, some music, marvelous wines, and a group of laughing talking people, the room TRULY comes to life. An elegant, warm, welcoming area for the winery to promote its wines.
My work here is done....... click click click click click (that's me, walking out of the room)......


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    It all turned out gorgeous! So rich and inviting! I'll meet you at 4pm at table 1!

  2. tortugam@aol.com11:55 PM

    Wow! (I know I use that term alot....but, you are awesome, Deb!)
    I cannot believe the difference in the before and after pictures!!! Can I meet you and Dori at table 1? Please, please, please??? Dori, bring your sweet mom, too!

  3. Gorgeous... what a turnaround! I may head there next time I am in Washington!

  4. What a wonderful transformation! You have turned a cold, uninviting place to one anyone would love to spend time in, tasting and appreciating wine!