Sorry, Kermit....

...It really IS easy being green!
This just arrived in my email inbox from Home Accents Magazine:
"AmericasMart Atlanta debuts its Green Product Showcase this week, offering market attendees a look at the variety of recycling, repurposing and environmentally-friendly options available in a wide range of price points and designs."
And check out 'green' lifestyle expert Danny Seo's testimony on the subject in Washington recently:Mr. Seo Goes To Washington. He's posted it on his blog, Simply Green, a fab resource for Earth-conscious lifestyle, business, and decorating ideas. I've included it in my sidebar blog links so you can easily check in with Dan-O and see what ideas he's germinating. (Pun intended!)

It's a hot topic, to be sure. I was on the phone with the marketing director for Western Exhibitors Show Production the other day, discussing the 'Green Display' I'll be designing for the Seattle Gift Show in August. Here's Earth-friendly info from Western Exhibitors Shows:

"Be Part of the "Green" revolution! As you are well aware, green is big! More companies and manufacturers worldwide are jumping on the green bandwagon. This is not just good for the environment, but it is also good for business.

The SFIGF and SGS management teams have been receiving more requests from retailers to provide a resource list of exhibiting companies that provide green merchandise. We have put together some criteria required to be included on this list. If your product meets the criteria, you may participate in a new Green resource list available to all attendees at the SFIGF and the SGS. Retailers that include green merchandise in their inventory are very observant about manufacturing practices and materials used for this type of product and are looking for green product at markets. This list of vendors will be available at all registration counters and buyer lounges.

There will also be a special Green Display located in the heavily trafficked connection corridor between North & South Halls of Moscone Center in San Francisco, and in the 4th Floor Main lobby of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle.

For more information on these promotional opportunities, visit Western Exhibitors' web site at http://www.weshows.com/, click on the show you are interested in, and search exhibitor information. These are offered free to participating qualified exhibitors."

And speaking of that Green display, I'm searching for fireproof cork or linoleum that looks like cork to use as flooring in the 15' X 15' display space. Any ideas out there?!


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    The SFIGF July 20007 produced pathetic results - empty aisles, few buyers, vendors counting down the minutes to get out of the empty exhibit hall. It was a sad state of affairs... but you know that because you were there.

    Indeed, there are more effective ways to market one's products than spending a fortune on a booth at a trade show.

  2. Interesting...I could not disagree more. There are OTHER ways of marketing - which should be used - but in addtion to, not instead of, a show.

    The crowds may not have been wall-to-wall, but the many vendors I spoke with on Saturday had already written a few dozen large orders. Much more efficient than sixty small ones, they said. I think the key is that the vendors reaping rewards from shows have fresh, interesting, and new products, presented effectively, in the right division of the show, AND they have GREAT attitudes.

    I'm guessing you are not one of those vendors.

    I really get preturbed when people leave negative comments under 'Anonymous'. C'MON, have some guts - if you are going to share your opinion, put your NAME on it.