Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

On Wednesday July 25, this blog o' mine will reach the milestone of it's first year!
(Now, I realize that this may not be a big deal in the larger Bloggiverse, but in the Diva's world, it's an accomplishment worth celebrating!)

Not only are most of my projects temporal in nature - intended for a short duration and even then, they are constantly subject to change - but I tend to have this annoying weakness of not being a good 'finisher'. I lack that brain cell necessary for sustained interest. Everything has to be new, fresh, changing, all.the.time. I need visual stimulation, and I need it NOW.

Books, magazines, tv shows, shopping....always on the lookout for the next idea, the next creative impulse. An addiction, really. And so this blogging thing is just my thing: I can surf, view, read, investigate, and get inspired by new and changing info daily. Hourly, even! And I can share my bizarre ideas and projects here - where things are constantly in a state of flux, just the way I like it.

The real upside to all of this is meeting amazing people from so many varied walks of life. It is incredible to me the scope of art and creativity and lifestyles that are present in the Bloggiverse. I am awed!!! You have to know that I am completely blown away that Bacchus and MJ and Rosanna (a true celeb!) and so many other wonderful visually like-minded souls pop in here to read my thoughts and share their comments, along with my friends Amy and FABulous Jen and a few others. You really keep me on my toes! I also love that this foray into blogging - necessitating hours on the computer, my former enemy - has resulted in my learning new skills (ahem....the Diva is a formerly technologically disenfranchised woman, remember? I'm gettin' better....I have actually learned HTML code. CODE. A year ago I thought 'code' was...well, a secret code. duh.) Yes, Jen, you are right: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

So, in celebration of this momentous anniversary, and to say thank you to all of you who drop in and read my ramblings here, I'd like to offer a 'door prize', if you will. I've got an extra copy of this FABulous book

and I'd just love to give it to YOU!

So leave me a comment, and tell me something you'd like me to write about. It can be something to do with retail display or seasonal decorating or small business branding or....well, you tell me!

When I return from the SFIGF next Sunday, I'll read thru all of the comments, choose one that stands out (for a GOOD reason!) and announce the winner in a post here on Monday. Then that person can send me their mailing info and I'll send off the book!

In the meantime, if you are at the SFIGF this week/weekend, look me up at the entrance to Moscone South Hall. I'll be camped out there creating a display of products on either side of the doors. Saturday, I'll be there early in the morning before I walk the show, then I'm heading out to do some 'tourista' things in the city - the ferry building, the cablecars, shoppping darling indie boutiques. Eating authentic Chinese food. Tea at the St. James. This is the only vacation I get this summer - a day and a half in San Fran. Gotta' make the best of it!

And when I return, we'll do the book thing, then I'll share what I saw at the show and around the city. (Yes, that's a warning that I'll be showing you my 'vacation photos'! LOL )


  1. I'm flattered that I was mentioned in your anniversary blog! Congratulations on one year! Hope there are many more to come.

    I'll be at SFIGF on Saturday. Hope to see you there. If you get a chance I recommend dinner at Catch or Andalu!

    While I love reading about merchandising in retail, I really do miss it, what about how to apply merchandising to the home as well. I also like hearing about resources, etc for merchandising.

  2. I suppose, Deb, the only thing I can really say about wanting that book oh so desperately, is this:

    Living in Central Canada, we have no Pottery Barn. You can only imagine how this drives me wild. I just love traveling with my dh, and I always check to see if there is a PB where we are visiting, and then I map my way there so we can't miss it. He nicknamed me "Barney" for a bit, something I neglected to mention to you on your nickname challenge.

    That said, I pack a tiny camera in my handbag and whip it out at every opportunity to take shots when I am IN THE STORE (yes, how utterly horrible of me, I know!) and I completely justify it by making purchases and going home to re-interpret the vingettes I've seen.

    However, I've been ushered out of an anthropologie or two in my day due to this behaviour.

    Since I've engaged in such criminal acts, could you still reward me?

  3. Denise L.8:34 PM

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I only recently discovered your blog and started reading it. Guess I have some back tracking to do to catch up.

    How about some shower ideas for weddings? I didn't see anything while I gave the categories a quick lookover.

  4. Deb,
    I like visiting your blog because you give a different view of retail that a lot of us don't realize and that is great for me because I am in the process of deciding about whether to take the leap to become a business owner and all of these 'tricks' and display ideas are an awesome help as well as being inspiring!

    Also, Pottery Barn? YES!...
    But Storage? I NEED this.

    Congrats on your blogiversary!


  5. Your blog is a treasure trove! Even though I don't have a brick and mortar store, it is just as important to "merchandise" my web pages and catagories.

    I will enjoy reading your posts...there is a lot to catch up on!

    thanks so much for sharing all your tips and tricks and knowledge.