Are You IN?

The tagline for the Summer Seattle Gift Show: Are you IN?

After receiving the show collateral from the marketing director, it took me all of three seconds to decide what the focal of the North Hall Display area would be. The giant 'IN' created from boxes in the artwork on postcards, magazine ads, flyers, and programs was easy as pie to reproduce.
I used 12" square white boxes, and added colorful papers on the faces of each - matching them as closely as I could to the show graphic. Gift wrap, handmade and scrapbook papers served well for this and were cost-effective, too. All in all, the 'IN' cost less than fifty bucks.

I also pulled the show's signature red color into the display by using red paper under some of the acrylic cubes. Postcards with the graphic on them were scattered on the floor and tables, and some of the marketing material was cut up and used on pedestals - lines like 'INviting', 'INstyle', etc. Again, this keeps the message of the display in sync with the message of the show. Since I never know what products will be in the display until they are in my hot little hands, I have to coordinate the 'set' that they will be placed in.

My MOST able assistants, Karen and Beth, placed all of the product and made it look stellar! (I was creating the dinner decor for the Columbia Winery AWW Dinner....thats' another post!)

We moved the display to a new location this year, up against the windows of the 4th floor lobby, directly across from where the display has been for five years now. I like this so much better - except we need to add more spotlights to counteract the glare of the windows. Notice how that 6 foot high 'IN' really pulls your eye into the display?!

This was not an expensive visual prop, but it raised the visual impact of the entire display area like nothing else could. Tying every product into the idea that it was 'the IN thing' at the show was the big bonus for exhibitors!

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