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I discovered a FABulous online resource today!

Banquet & Event Resource, Inc. (B&E) has a 16 year history in providing Western Washington's best resource guides, websites and tradeshows. Their goal is to provide meeting and event planners as well as brides and grooms with the most comprehensive sites available. BanquetEvent.com is not just a portal to other sites, but truly does give you comprehensive information in an easy-to-use resume style. B&E takes great pride in being partners with all of the vendors you'll find on this site. At BanquetEvent.com, you'll find the best in information, technolgy, and service for event, banquet, wedding, and corporate event planners.

B&E also offers an Event Resource Guide, Wedding Resource Guide and two trade shows, The Northwest Event Show (nweventshow.com) and Fall Bridal Spectacular (fallbridal.com).

Now, granted, this resource is in my own backyard...but what you will find on BanquetEvent.com is a wealth of information, inspiration, resources and ideas for any event you are producing anywhere. Check them out!
EDITED TO ADD: I received a very nice email from Alexis Pellegrini at B&E:
"I am contacting you from B&E Resource Inc. (banquetevent.com). We had a call from a local event planner saying that read about our website from your blog. I would like to personally thank you for the recommendation. We always appreciate when local professionals pass on the word about our site and trade shows. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
My pleasure, Alexis!


  1. Shawna Rooney5:13 PM

    Thank you - for yet another great resource - this one is possibly too filled with information. Is that possible? Thank you also to - two of my friends for referring me to your blog!

    I look forward to more and more ways to improve my environment.

  2. C Dupont6:08 PM

    The bridal show is only in Seattle. That is not fair. I would love to be able to go to a real wedding auction. Also look at the What You Need to Know information on this website. It is packed with information. Thanks Deb, MY DIVA.