Retail is SO Unbalanced...

Things that make me laugh: A great sense of humor in retail display designs.

I nearly fell off my chair when I ran across that photo above on http://www.visualstore.com/. It's a shot of a window display in a Missoni boutique in Milan, Italy. Sharp humorists, those Italian display divas! I love this.
Also, one of the dorkiest 80's (or was it 90's??? The fashion is 80's!) films made - but since it's all about visual merchandising, well, I love it. 'Mannequin' with Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall (pre-Samantha), and Meschach Taylor as 'Hollywoooooooood' is on TV, and I'm being a total couch potato while watching it. What else to do on a rainy Northwest Sunday?!

It's research, really it is.....


  1. You're the only Decorating Diva I know, well except for this one guy I met years ago. LOL

    It is always disconcerting to know other people are using the same monikers.

    I'm glad you've got DivaDeb locked down.

  2. Love that picture!