Retail Displays With A Cherry on Top...

Last week I was in Eastern Washington, resetting the merchandise displays at Hogue Cellars Winery. After completing them, Karen & I made a stop at the Chukar Cherries factory store, located in Prosser. (Years ago, when I had my little store, a darling woman named Barb painted fabulous chicken artwork for me ... and her hubby designed the Chukar Cherries logo. I don't know why I remember that, but I do!) For the uninitiated, a Chukar is a bird. I have no idea what they have to do with the fruit and nut and chocolate creations that this company makes, but go here to find out: http://www.chukar.com/.

I walked in the door of the warehouse store, and stopped dead in my tracks. Karen nearly plowed into the back of me! 'WOW factor' doesn't even come close to describing the effect this place has.

It's not in the expense or the size of the place, for it's small and pretty basic. Nope, it's the consummate attention to detail in every aspect of presenting the brand image of Chukar Cherries. These people really GET IT!!!!

A panorama of half of the shop is shown above. Clean, simple fixtures are used. Containers are in red - the signature color. Small items are presented in groups, logos are prominent on every shelf.

Two large wood tables sitting in the center of the small space hold feature items: jars of jams & jellies, and tins of chocolate-covered nuts. (This stuff is SOOOOOO addictive...) Samples are out for easy tasting & choosing.

Notice that on top of the shelving are empty baskets, displayed with attention to detail but easy to reach for putting together a custom gift basket. Ready-made gift baskets are on the shelves, too. Signage? Everywhere, but not obtrusive.

I was struck by the effective simplicity of the design here, by the prominence of the brand image, and the obvious ideas that this would provide for shops carrying these products - or other small items that need to be corralled. A similar singular shelf unit in any store, merchandised in this way, will sell a huge amount of product over the holidays. Whether it's Chukar Cherries food products, or soaps, or candles, or logo items, clean, concise presentation will enhance the products, your store image, and your customers' shopping experience.

To the lovely young lady who looked at me as if I was an alien when I asked if I could take photos: Thank you for asking 'the big shots' in the back room!!! (They said yes!) And you are ALL doing a terrific job with this shop. I mean, I am really impressed. WOW! I've seen your Pike Place Market booth and major trade show displays. But I didn't expect to find that level of attention to detail in Prosser... Bravo!


  1. Usually outlets don't look this bright and modern. I really like how everything is displayed!

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Though I don't like cherries, other than cherry bubble gum, koolaid, or poptarts, the store is delightful!

  3. suzi finer8:51 AM

    always looking for a fellow diva (linking you up!~)

  4. This is a shop I would love!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Deb!!