Jingle All The Way To SoDo

I snagged these photos from tabletop design diva Rosanna Bowles ... because
Saturday morning at 8 AM, there is a giant sale at Rosanna's south of downtown Seattle (SoDo)warehouse. Guess who's gonna' be first in line?! (Hey, I missed the summer sale that I talked about here after we got into an accident, so I deserve this!)

I am TOTALLY enamoured of the black pedestals and gold filigree dessert plates & Kings Road gold crown collection ('cause EVERY Diva needs a crown, right?!) and the graphic chandelier, tree, and reindeer plates.....I hope I score some of these at the sale. I don't even mind blemishes!
After I've shopped, I'm heading to a client's home to decorate.
Jingling all the way! It may even SNOW!


  1. I love the cake stands and they would be perfect for our annual black party. Sadly they are out of the two smaller sizes.

  2. i looovvvee black and white!!