Finish Line....

I feel like I must be reclusive or something, 'cause everybody I know keeps calling me, and emailing me, asking what I'm 'UP to'! I'm here to report that I'm 'UP to' my regular Holiday HooHah & Mayhem! (And no flooding in my part of Washington state...lots of rain, but no flooding.) It's madcap adventures with the schedule, I'll tell ya', but I got smart and cut my client list waaaaaay down this year so life isn't quite as crazy as past years! It's been busy, but not crazy:

So, I started here (three hours) .... and he knows I only come to decorate when the office is closed because I can't STAND to hear that dental drill......

...and then went here for three days (two trees, four dozen Dept. 56 houses, 152 nutcrackers, two dozen teddy bears, and a partidge in a pear tree....)

and then I went here for four hours and the most beautiful snowfall went on the entire time we were decorating the house. (Now how much service do I deliver, I ask you???? I even bring the SNOW!!!! ;o) )

...Today I was here (four hours) , admiring a vast collection of vintage ornaments (Dresdens, wire tinsel, glass so fragile & thin it's like tissue paper... awe-inspiring 100 year old ornaments) and moving oh-so-slowly so as not to break any of them!

...and then here (three hours), where a charming young lady of 101 smiled with joy as we filled her rooms with Holiday cheer. SO rewarding!

Some are big, some are small. One business, four residences.
All the retail clients were done way back in October. And now, as of five thirty today, I am officially DONE and may now commence with the festivities!

On my list of fun stuff to do: Celebrate my grandson's first birthday - TODAY! Picking up the first of our holiday guests - our daughter from Texas - at the airport tonight! Spending the weekend visiting with her, attending a soiree on Saturday night, finishing my own decorating.....yeah, well, maybe I'll get to that next Tuesday! Then it's Christmas letters & cards & photos, shopping for stocking stuffers (the gifts were done before Thanksgiving and THAT, my friends, is a record!), another party, then pick up our son & his girl at the airport, and indulge lots of Holiday music, eggnog, and fireside visits.

Holiday Cheer, indeed! Wishing you all a season filled with joy, peace, and festive decorating!

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