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I was at ToysRUs today, grabbing just a few extra goodies for our grandson's first birthday celebration tonight (not spoiling him at ALL...ahem) and I spied this amazing, adorable thing: 'Pink Boutique' Monopoly! I just have to share this, it's SO cool and totally about getting girls into learning about money, and shopkeeping and entrepreneurship....okay, okay, and shopping. Here's what ToysRUs says about the game on it's web site:

"This is Monopoly like you have never seen it - dressed up in pink and all about things girls love! Buy boutiques and malls, go on a shopping spree, pay your cell phone bill, and get text and instant messages. You and your friends will adore the funky tokens, cool buildings, and cute illustrations. Best of all, the game is stored in a beautiful keepsake box which doubles as a jewelry box. Cool game features include: 8 collectible tokens just for girls, keepsake storage box with removable tray and mirrored insert, pink gameboard with fun properties, pink and purple translucent boutiques and malls instead of houses and hotels, Instant Message and Text Message cards instead of Chance and Community Chest, pink Title Deed cards, redesigned Monopoly money, flocked banker's tray, 2 pink dice, and instructions.
Paint the town pink with this ToysRUs Exclusive!"

Tho that write up sounds like it's targeting eight to sixteen year olds, believe me every woman I know would love this version of the classic game! Got a girl to shop for? Maybe one who owns her own store or boutique or business? Perfect gift! (hint hint, Santa....)
Image and quoted text from http://www.toysrus.com/

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