Retro Holiday

I found this book while thrifting awhile back
(at the Glorious Goodwill outlet in Seattle, which means I paid about forty five cents for it)
and thought you'd all love to see some fun things I found within it. Ready for a time warp?!

Check out this very mod tree:
(well, it was mod in 1953 when the book was published!)

and take a look at this thrifty nifty idea for a table cover:

Admittedly, not the grandest of decor ideas, but if you have a company party in a cafeteria, or something for the kids, this is a fun and simple idea - especially for the buffet table.

This photo makes me remember that when I was a kid all of the neighbors on our street wrapped their front doors like presents - loads of metallic foil papers and huge Santa faces and holly sprig prints, accented with giant ribbons and bows. Mom covered our stunning persimmon-orange door with red paper for the season, accenting the brown and white siding just perfectly. I see fast food restaurants wrap their hanging pictures like this every year, too! (Tho it's hard to coordinate holiday wrapping paper with the abstract patterns and bizarre colors of outdated 80's naugahyde upholstery....sigh).

This book is like a peek into the past, revealing what was new and exciting in holiday decorating in 1953. No, not much there I can use now, but it's still fun to see what the Martha's of a past decade recommended!


  1. Okay now, I really like that Bonsai Christmas tree.

  2. opps - almost forgot ...if you have time, please stop by my blog and read a Christmas story I posted.

  3. I really like reading your blog! love the retro ideas! I have a thing for old Sears christmas catalogues...so many inspiering images!!