No Excuses for Boring Window Displays!

A small mom n' pop hardware store in a town near me has this creative window display up right now. I was laughing so hard when I parked in front of it that I could barely keep the camera still! I LOVE this! The array of silver-tone merchandise featured in this window is astounding, and the imaginative use of everyday hardware items to create a winter scene is wonderful.

For those who may ask 'But how does this sell products?', I ask you: What do we do at the first of the year? We clean, we organize, we try to simplify. And so we need trash cans. If this window doesn't make you notice it, and then think, 'Well, I do need a new trash can", go in and buy a retro galvie trash can, well, I don't know what will!!!

Kudos to this business....they've outdone the big box boys. And if these people can do it, so can you!!!


  1. How clever and so eye catching! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your blog.
    Come see me!

  2. I agree...too cute! and creative.

  3. I agree, what a fun, creative window!! That alone would make me want to shop there.:)