By George, I Think She's GOT It....

I haven't disappeared, really! I'm just finishing up all of my post-holiday decor removal for residential clients, and with these long days I have no time for blogging or anything but packing decor away in boxes! I completed my last client's home last evening, and today I am finally getting my OWN home into shape.

I'll have some winter inspirations to share very soon...in the meantime, THIS is pretty inspiring, dont'cha think?!
That George...He sends me stuff like this all the time. LOL


  1. Must be something wrong with my e-mail cuz I didn't get my annual best wished from George this year.

    Perhaps for my birthday next week.


  2. Hmmm no comments. LOL

    Deb are you coming to SFIGF?

  3. I was showing my friend Chachi your site; did you hear the sound of our tongues hitting the floor when we saw Mr. Wonderful??