Give Yourselves a Hand!

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for visiting my little blog here...it is such fun to read your comments, and hear that I have touched on a subject that gets you excited or solves a dilemma for you. I recently installed the 'Feedjit' widget over there in my sidebar, and now I can see at a glance where my visitors are coming from & going to. I've seen varied states and provinces and countries show up over there each day, and am so pleased at the diversity represented. I've always enjoyed meeting people at my seminars, and the Bloggiverse has really allowed that to happen every single day!

So, to all new visitors, I'd like to extend a hand of welcome and say 'Introduce Yourself!' by leaving a comment. Share where you are from, how you found my blog, and what other blogs you love to visit. I'm always scouting for resources to add to my bloglinks, so let me know if there is one you find particularly helpful. And please, to everyone, new visitors and long-time friends alike, let me know what subjects you'd like to hear more about.... I'll get right on that!

I'm always happy to address your specific questions via email (Debi@theDecoDiva.com), as well... just drop me a line!


  1. Hey Deb, This is Missy from Tennessee. I found our blog about a year and a half ago while googling "visual merchandising" I was looking for ideas for Christmas displays. (The idea that really got my ball rolloing was the picture of the window done with bubble wrap!) Since that time I have been a faithful reader, and you have proved to be a valuable resource. Whether I am reading your entries or sending you a personal email, you are great. (A note hear to ayone else reading, "Take advantage of what Deb has to offer. She is so great about answering questions.")

    I am trained in interior design and have a few years of retail/management experience. I now help my fiance run an independent garden/outdoor kitchen design center. It is really fun yet stressful. I can't wait to use some of Deb's ideas this Spring.

    Some of my favorite blogs/sites are Posie gets Cozy, A Cottage Industry, and Women Take Wing.

    Sorry for being so long-winded!!!


  2. Sorry for all the typos, haven't had my coffee yet!!!

  3. I think I found your blog about the same was as Melissa. And yep, you are a source of inspiration. I have a leased space in a awesome store, where I also work. One of the best parts of my job is window and merchandise display. So many blogs, check out my blog roll. LOL.
    Thanks again for all your inspiration.


  4. Hi Deb,
    We found your site "Women take Wing" searching other sites we love, not sure which one it was. And then you found us at the "San Francisco International Gift Show" in January, and sent us an email and left us such wonderful comment on your blog. We were so excited it was you.

    We are really new at blogging, but having such a wonderful time reading other blogs and meeting such fabulous people along the way. We have a list of our favorites on our blog, there are so many that we have found and are finding new ones everyday.

    Mixing Whimsy is Cathleen and Molly, two women that have joined and combined our experience and talent to become partners and most of all friends. We have a retail Home & Garden Furnishings & Decor business that we offer on our website as well as monthly sale events held in Cathleen's barn on her property, we also will be continuing to do the SFIG show in the "Vintage Collection" cash & carry. Oh what a blast that was.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do Deb, you help sooo many women LIVE THEIR DREAMS.

    Cathleen & Molly
    Mixing Whimsy