Channeling Success

I love the taglines in the ads for the Denver Gift Show: 'The Big Lines. The Hard to Finds. The One of a Kinds.' That pretty much describes me.... ;0) Today I was searching the DenverMart website for something, and re-discovered a resource that I really want to share with you all.

I also discovered something I didn't know! It seems that between my Sunday morning seminar on display design and my Sunday afternoon seminar on store design, someone else is takin' over my stage!

That's ok - it's Ray Gaulke, President of the Gift & Home Channel, who will be speaking about the many resources his new online television station offers to retailers and businesses around the globe. Videos, photos, experts, an online forum, polls, facts, all manner of great stuff to help you improve your business. I highly recommend them, and I had totally forgotten to mention it here. (Sorry, Ray!) Adding you to my links next!

I'm actually excited to meet Ray. I love chatting with leaders of large companies who are working to help small businesses succeed. First the President of GLM trade shows, now Ray. We all share a passion for being a resource to other people & businesses, and strive to work together for success - very inspiring.

Check it out here: www.giftandhomechannel.com

Edited to add: I received a very nice email from Ray, thanking me for this 'plug' of GHC. He was stuck at LaGuardia, facing hours of flight delays due to weather. I sure hope he can get to Denver!

Edited to Add: Yes, Ray was finally able to get a flight out of New York. I met him Sunday morning just before my first seminar - what a gregarious gentleman!!! We had time later to talk about GHC, and he's invited me to join them by contributing to their blog and via video podcasts. Hopefully very soon, I'll have news on that front for you. I am honored to be asked to participate! What a great way to connect with others and to share information.... if you haven't checked out Gift & Home Channel yet, hie thee over there!

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    That's great that you'll be meeting Ray - he's fabulous! Try to attend his seminar, I think you'll find that the Gift & Home channel is much more than just an "online television station"

    Have fun!