Inspiration Quotient

What Inspires You?

I am definitely - definitely - inspired by sunshine. Probably because I live in Seattle and don't get nearly as much of it as I'd like! What else inspires me?

- usually changes a bit by the season. Right now it's my favorite Chartreuse, fresh greens, sunny yellows, hot pink, aqua. And white. Clean, crisp white.
Sound - ocean waves, birdsong, wind in pine trees, rain on the roof, my grandson's laughter. A Gershwin symphony. The Go-Go's! Carly Simon, James Taylor, Madeline Peyroux.
Texture - green grass between my toes, bare wood floors under my feet, a soft knit throw, a rough weathered bench.
Nature - This is a big one for me. Right now, the sprouting tulips, daffodils & narcissus gracing my Cottage, budding branches outside, and mossy patches in the landscape just make me smile.
Fragrance - all-natural scents: green grass, daffodils, fresh laundry, lavender, rosemary, orange blossom, lime, grapefruit, vanilla. Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrance 'Covet'.

And of course, all things visual.
I'm always asked where my ideas come from...they come from noticing details everywhere. Online, in blogs & websites. In catalogs & magazines. In films & television. At trade shows, in booths, showrooms, & displays. In store windows & displays. At nurseries, in the flowers and plants. In clothing collections. Speaking of which, I have one word: FIERCE! Christian Siriano, you ROCK! 21 years old, and you have Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano shakin' in their collective hip boots. ('Project Runway' reference!)

There are a few places that never fail to inspire me with their creative visual presentation and stellar products: stores like Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. I know. There are issues there, and I join the throngs of those who heartily wish they would address the sourcing of their merchandise. But you gotta' admit, they design killer stores & displays & catalogs. Then there are Watson Kennedy's three stores here in Seattle - and no, I'm not related to or involved with those. (I would be if Ted asked!) Fab boutiques like Faded Elegance in Everett, and the Bunnies By The Bay boutique in La Conner where Suzanne and Krystal create charming vignettes of funnybunny life. Shows like Flourishes in Washougal, Washington and Farm Chicks in Spokane.

Where do you go to refuel your creative juices? What music do you listen to? What stores have a visual presence that makes you smile?

Yesterday, I was knee-deep in blueprints and floorplans for ten hours. Ack! Math and measurements. NOT my fave part of my work, and definitely not inspiring. So, today I am raising my 'Inspiration Quotient' with a bit of browsing, a bit of musing, and maybe even a bit of wine! We could call it 'research'....????.......naaaaaah. It's fun - and necessary. Be Inspired!

Photo credit: Anthropologie web site

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