A Rosy Future

In five days, I will be there.
It will be warm and sunny and smell like orange blossoms. Paradise!

Her highness ^ the Queen of Shabbiness shops there. It's Mecca for antiquers and junkers, I tell ya. I've wanted to go there for years but never timed my trips to SoCal right. Until NOW! Truth be told, even tho this trip was planned around my hubby's birthday, I checked the dates for the Rose Bowl Flea first. Then I booked the tickets. ;0)

I'll be attempting to meet up with Suzi Finer of www.iamadiva.com at the flea, too...wish I could head down to DivaCentral on Melrose, but my time is limited. Really, who knows who else I might spy there?... certainly there will be lots of other gals on the hunt for the next big treasure for their shops and displays, maybe even some I 'know' from blogs & online networking. Heather? Tara? Lidy? Kim? A few celebs of the retail world!

If you have any tips, tricks, tidbits or tales of the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market to share with me, I'd love to hear them... and yeah, I know about the 'get there really early for great stuff' tip!

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  1. I just discovered your blog...which is fabulous!!

    I am so jealous you get to go to that flea market. I hope you have a fantastic time!!

  2. Miss Deb, my dear twin, I wish I was going! Too bad I live so far away! One of these days I plan to go there too....Can't wait to hear about what you find as well as everyone you see!!!


  3. Teresa1:25 PM

    I am jealous too, you are going to have so much fun. Happy treasure hunting!

  4. When you get back...Please stop by my blog and read about a creative contest I am holding with a great prize. If you are not interested - please forward it onto as many people as you can. Thank you!

    BTW - hope you are having fun!


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