Display Revisited

A few posts ago, I showed photos of the 'mock up' booth that I helped design for my friend Cath. Well, the art festival was this past weekend, and I thought you might want to see how that translated into a stellar booth display. Above is a photo of her sign. Remember I told her to find a black frame to put it in? Whatta frame!!!! I love this. (I'd only change one thing: make the Foothills Farm Fiber logo print larger & bolder so it really pops.)

This was the view from the front of the booth. She joked that she placed every item exactly as I had in the mock up, referring to photos as she went. I think she did a great job! And painting all of the props black just made the colors of her products stand out even more.

This coooooool fixture was a Craigslist find! The heads are black velvet, and work oh so perfectly to show off her darling hats & scarves. Gives her nice vertical interest and is an efficient use of space, too. People were walking up and snatching the hats off of it and trying them on...which is exactly what she wants them to do!
Layer upon layer of tantalizing color & texture, presented in color groupings 'to really draw they eye in. She rocked it! I - honestly - felt her booth was one of the best. So many people come up with marvelous products - but then have NO idea how to present it. Sad. (Why aren't they reading my blog, huh?!!!!!)

And the number one way to show off your product? Wear it!
Isn't she cute?! Great job, Cath!

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  1. I am soooo in love with those chairs. Especially Cary Grant. Or maybe I'm just in love with Mr. Grant? No, it's the chair.


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