FAB Display Finds at an Art Faire...

At the huge Bellevue Museum Art Festival over the weekend, I discovered some really amazing props for displays. Number one find: these art chairs. Sue, the Tuffet Lady of Seattle, has an eye for detail and quite an imagination. Take a look at that flowered chair, and how she pulled the floral motif from the dress in the printed back fabric and translated it into the seat, which looks like a skirt on the woman.

Take a gander at Cary Grant, for heaven's sake....you just can't get more elegant than that! How does this work for displays? Pop a hat on the edge of the chair back, and it looks like Cary himself is modeling it. Lay some neatly folded pants across the seat, with shoes beneath, and Cary has a body. Another chair was Ingrid Bergman...picture her with a fabulous floppy-brimmed hat on the chair back as well, and it's Casablanca all over again. Lay a full skirt across the chair seat, and she's ready for Sam's piano bar.

There are many more styles, and every last one of them would make a stylish statement in a home or a retail shop. I can think of a million products that can be shown on these - and I think I may just talk with Sue about using a few of her chairs in my seminar at the upcoming Seattle Gift Show. ((Now, the question is....which ones? Cary? Ingrid? Audrey? Fred? Frida?)) ... I DID ask, and Sue IS going to bring me some chairs, and I AM going to show them off in my seminar! YAY!

Go to http://www.tuffetlady.com/ to check out Sue's creativity!

Another great find was this invention by a jeweler...he mounted a bracket on top of a tripod, and it holds his clear acrylic showcase in place at eye level. Simple to set up, clean lines, and effective presentation of his contemporary jewelry. (I took care to photograph only his cases, not his jewelry.) He doesn't sell these...but I think he should!

I love the display solutions that creative people come up with!

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  1. coleen7:50 AM

    I love Sue's work!!!! I was a vendor across from her a few yrs ago at The Best of the Northwest....she is so talented!!!!


my take on retail visual design:

"The thing is, retail design is driven by psychology. It is by manipulating space, visuals, lighting, sound, smell, and mood that we influence customers to enter, stay, browse, buy, and return. It is an endless exercise in change, endurance, growth, education, and imagination that enables retailers to stay on top of their game and at the forefront of their customer's minds. Yes, what you sell IS important - but even the very best merchandise won't sell at full price if it's presented in torn boxes on dirty shelves in a store that is too crowded to turn around in. Visual impact is a huge part of business, and utilizing the principles that have been proven to work can help you build a better business." ~ DWK