That's Show Biz!

I received an email this morning from Brittany Lund, Executive Producer for the Gift & Home Channel. Brittany was the producer/director for the video series that we shot at the Farm Chicks Antique Show in June, and she's been keeping me in the loop during the post-production process of my videos. Well, here's what she had to say this morning:

Hi Deb,
I wanted to give you an update so you can enthusiastically convey what is happening to those anxiously awaiting their debut. We are repositioning how we deliver content to our viewers. What this means, we are creating a theme for each month where we focus on a specific pain point for retailers and our videos speak to the solutions. The Farm Chicks videos you created are the feature pieces for the month of October.

There was more to her email, which was industry info that I can't share, but the gist of it is that my videos won't be available on the Gift & Home Channel until October. Shoot! My apologies to all of the wonderful ladies who allowed me to film in their booths - Tammy, Heather, Bari, Serena & Teri, the Garden Girls. I had no idea this kind of delay would happen.

My hope is that with an October debut, the videos will be just in time for holiday promotion of your businesses and products. And get the word out for next summers' Farm Chicks show, too!
And if it's any consolation, Brittany has seen the final videos, and says we are all stellar professionals on film!


  1. Sorry to all to hear about the delay..but at least, as you said, it will be promoted well before Christmas. These things do happen.

    I just wanted to say thank you Deb. I so enjoy getting a small peek into a business world that I am not involved in. It is so interesting how much detail work it takes to create a good and thriving business!

  2. October still sounds very exciting!
    You have a wonderful site.