Shining Star

So...what did you think about the results?

Did you vote? Matt or Jennifer? Do you even watch this show?

Based on the last challenge alone, Jenn nailed it and Matt missed by a mile. Design is all about function, yes - but it's also in the details. And those roll-up blinds on Matt's windows just killed me....

Matt came up with some incredible design solutions throughout the entire show, though - like the giant bunkbed, of course. Jenn's artwork really put a stamp of individuality on every space she designed, and she was fearless with color.

In the end, I voted for Jennifer. But I thought that Matt would win the popular vote. (I also thought that Matt looked like Elliot the photographer on the old TV show 'Just Shoot Me'!) I'm glad it was miss bubbly personality who won - I bet her show on HGTV will be fun to watch, and very inspiring. But we'll have to wait until January to find out!

And after the Design Star wrap-up was 'Summer Showdown' - OI. I really was looking forward to this! I wasn't sold after watching the first one, and I think it was distracting that the contestants were stealing each other's supplies - but then, there has to be drama in a reality show, right?! There is no Decorating without Drama. sigh.


  1. Oh no, how could we disagree so much on this. I agree the roll up shades not so hot.. but other than the red kitchen. Her rooms were so boring and predictable. Also the table she used would barely seat everyone, let alone any guests. What was the small 4 seater table for?
    We loved the color combinations and lay outs of Matt's room. Although we don't think he should have beaten Trish.

    Missed you at SFIGF this year! It was awful.

  2. Bacchus, I TOTALLY agree with you on Matt not beating Trish!!! I was stunned by that one, too.

  3. ooh good, I'd thought the world had gone crazy. We were really irritated by this season. It had nothing to do with design but how obvious can the gay boys be and still say things like "I don't have a wife at home" or to make it to the finals and not introduce his Partner. Just call him by his name. Sigh!

  4. Well, it's glaringly apparent that many people are still living in the dark ages.

    Sad that some can't be themselves and be proud of those in their lives... and even more sad that either they or the network think that just because they are gay, they have to act in a certain stereotyped way. It was distracting to me, so I can only imagine how unnerving it was for you, my friend.

  5. Having lived in Tennessee, home of HGTV, I can absolutely imagine them dictating verbage that would be "suitable" and "comfortable" for their viewers. Never mind that a HUGE chunk of their viewers are gay men.

    I agree, it just takes away from the show to be distracted by the guy who is obviously gay talking about his "wife". Granted his wife's name is Bruce and 6'2". LOL

  6. I can only say one thing in response to that last line, Bacchus.... ROFLMAO!!!!!!!