So, last June, I went here

and did this

and now if you'd like to see the end result, you can!

My first video, filmed at the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane last June, features me interviewing the Farm Chicks themselves and sharing their great merchandising ideas.  When it debuted on the Gift & Home Channel online, this was the description that accompanied it:

Suffering from display dissatisfaction? Well, beloved GHC blogger and known speaker, Debi Ward Kennedy, aka 'the Decorating and Display Diva', is here to give you some fantastic ideas for creating unique and noticeable displays in your store. In this one of 6 segment series on displays, Debi talks with the founders of the Farm Chicks Antique Show about sourcing great product as well as inexpensive and unique ways to display product so it gets noticed. If you’re looking for new ideas for your store, look no further, because Debi’s bringing out of the box thinking right to you!

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And a huge thank you goes out to the two ladies who join me in this first installment - Serena Thompson & Teri Edwards, 'the Farm Chicks' themselves. Amazing women, amazing businesswomen, and calm as cucumbers on camera. It was so much fun working with them (for a whopping twenty minutes...!) Girls, I owe you big time for this!


  1. Deb, your video was great! Thanks for the virtual peak at the Farm Chic's show! I look forward to more of your video's and wonderful display tips! Erin

  2. Hi Debi, I would love to do the FARM CHIC'S show someday...thank you so much for the great peek.

    Cathleen alyce