Ok, I'm ready. It's time to Hit Me With Your Best Shot! (Lyric Credit: Pat Benatar).

Got any topics you'd like to hear more about?
How about inspiring photos or resources you've been looking for?
Or perhaps comments about what I've been sharing about lately? (It's OK, I can take it....just don't do it anonymously, please!)
I know there must be some questions that have been burning in your brain about business, retail, decorating, marketing, branding, speaking, writing, video hosting... You can ask me almost anything. Really. Oh, what the heck, let's go all out: Personal, too.

No, I don't mean I'll give advice a la' Dear Abby (though 'Dear Diva' does have a nice ring to it...)because quite frankly I am soooooo not qualified to do that! I mean I'll answer any reasonable question about me, Mr. Deb, et al - except anything obviously inappropriate or involving the exact location of the new Diva central headquarters, my bank account number, my car license plates...you get the drift. (double wink).

Actually, go ahead and address those to Dear Diva - I kind of like the sound of that!
Post them in comments here on the blog or email me at Debi@thedecodiva.com.

((Speaking of which, here's the answer to one burning question I know someone will inevitably ask: No, I still haven't redesigned my web site. Yes, I know how hideous it is. I hate it. I ignore it. I don't even tell people about it, I just direct them here to my design blog instead. Dear former client/Microsoft guy tried but...well, I just think guys don't get what I want from a web site. I've got to find a savvy, sassy, saucy chick here locally to work with me to do it right. That's on my goal sheet for ought nine! Really, it is!))

I'll be answering your queries in the next few posts, so go ahead and Hit Me Baby, One More Time! (lyric credit: Britney Spears)OK OK no more song title punchlines...

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