Eddie really delivered some zingers onTop Design last night.
Let's revisit a few of his 'best' moments, shall we?

"I've flown on Martha Stewart's JET! How many people can say that they've flown on Martha Stewart's JET?" sigh. (thinking: 'I AM the best.')

"I don't know where it comes from. Just a gift from God, I guess!!!"
(thinking: 'And I spell God M-A-R-T-H-A'.)

"I don't need someone to tell me it's good. It's my JOB to know when it's good. And it's always good. I work for the BEST, for God's sake."
(NOT thinking: 'Wearing this shirt on camera will bring on a slew of laundry lessons from Martha, and possibly a visit from Tim Gunn....')

"Preston is a whooooooole lotta' talk..but not much to back it up."
(thinking: "Oh crap. I'm screwed.")

(thinking: 'PHONED IT IN???PHONED IT IN???? Are you KIDDING me? I work for Martha Stewart!!!!')

"Well, of course everyone is entitled to (my...I mean...)their...opinion. But I know plenty of people who would LOVE that room." (thinking: 'like Martha....and I am SO going to get a raise for mentioning her so much.')

And finally, "A gay's gotta' do what a gay's gotta' do." (thinking: 'Preston is better than me. But he can't be better than me, because I AM the best and I work for the BEST. So I have to do everything I can to sabotage him so I'll win and not be the laughing stock of MSLO when I go back to work....').

Poor Eddie. He just can't help being such a horse's arse, so I just think of him as the south end of Mr. Ed. (Yes, THAT Mr. Ed.) I had the thought that he'll be mighty embarassed when he doesn't win and goes back to work - but then I quickly realized that Eddie's super-sized ego will never accept that. He'll go back to MSLO as bombastic and precocious as ever, maligning the taste of the judges and announcing his superior intellect forever. And no one will notice a thing, because they all know that this is just Eddie. EquusRumpus Bombasticus.

Image Credits: All photos from Bravo TV's Top Design


  1. We watched this the other night in our hotel! Ugghh Eddie. He is so annoying and prissy. Even gays don't like his attitude. LOL

    Preston on the other hand is so professional in both his design and his behavior.

  2. LOL! As my friend Hamid would say in his French-Moroccan accent: 'He is a piece of work!' He's got the chance of a lifetime here, and all he's delivering is warmed-up Martha leftovers. He has no style of his own, no voice, no individuality. That is just toooo sad.

    I so agree with you that Preston is an absolutely amazing designer AND person. Of course, he worked with Kenneth Brown (HGTV's 'redesign')which means his experience is much more design-based than Eddie's. My vote is for Preston!