Playing House

MaryBeth sent me a link to her blog so she could share photos of a FABulous display prop that she and her family created. It's a little playhouse, used as a backdrop for a booth at a recent show MaryBeth's daughter Megan was in.

As you can see from the photo above, it does a great job of catching the eye in the midst of visual chaos. The white interior is a perfect backdrop for the colorful yet small items displayed in the booth. And I just adore the playful pink stripes!
The Playhouse is simple but effective, so do go and visit MaryBeth's blog to see photos of the process. I also love that this is made from styro - it's light, easy to transport, goes together in a snap, and stores flat. Thats what perfect display props do - do the job and get outta' the way when it's done!
This reminds me of the setup that Rosanna did for the gift show a few years ago - check out this post for photos.

Megan (aka Princess Lasertron!) has built a business creating & selling funderful artsy things like felt corsages and button flower bouquets. Check out her blog! This past weekend, she was a vendor at the Silver Bella event in Omaha. Silver Bella is the brainchild of designer extraordinaire Teresa McFayden, and you can see from the first photo that there were many beautiful products to see in the marketplace.

Having props and display fixtures that transport easily and set up fast is a huge bonus for those who sell at shows. Flat-pack props mean you can fit in more bins of product, as well....after all, selling is the goal.

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