It's a Barbie World...???

Let's face it, we all love to see how the other half lives. From Robin Leach's 'Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams' to MTV 'Cribs', we like to peek into the homes of our fave celebs and see how they spend all that loot we shell out for their films and CD's.

This one, my friends, takes the proverbial cake.
Barbie's digs are getting a makeover. More on that in a minute...first, take a look at the evolution of Barbie's domiciles...

1960's cardboard room to 1970's townhouse tower,

1980's Dream House grows to a 1990's Dream (Mc)Mansion...and then surprisingly shrinks to a tiny apartment in the new millenium. (I've left out the myriad of ski lodges, beach cottages, home-made abodes, and assorted RV's, campers, vans, and the like.)

Apparently, Mattel has decided that it is time for Miss B's home to get a Makeover of the Extreme variety, in order to keep her in line with the spiffy brand image of a still-hot chick who appeals to a wide demographic. (BTW, have you seen the YouTube video of 'Cougar Barbie'? Hilarious...)
So, the toy cpmpany has hired uber-chic designer Jonathan Adler to redesign a house for Barbie.
Love him on Top Designer, love his pottery, love his interior design aesthetic. He's wacky. When his partner Simon Doonan is added to that, it's double-wacky. I like that. I can even see why a toy company would like that...can you just imagine the rooms he's going to dream up for the new Dream Home of the pink-princess, fashion plate, ultimate career woman, and all-around nice girl? Heck, he'll make her eco-friendly and a style trendsetter while he's at it.
Yup, somethin' like that! Check out his sketch here (I couldn't copy the photo):

But here's the rub, folks: He's also releasing a line of merchandise that will mimic the Barbie house. Rugs, lamps, furnishings, accessories, et al. For YOUR house. And I know, it's retail, which has to keep coming up with new things to entice us to buy. And pop culture sells. But come ON.... do we really need our homes to be decorated Barbie-style? Unless we are ten, I don't think so. But he did it: http://home.aol.com/new_in_home/photogallerytall/_a/barbies-real-life-malibu-dream-house/20090217175109990001
(Deb is shaking her head here...) cue the music: http://www.imeem.com/macfrancis/music/H-l7TJgV/aqua_barbie_girl/

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