Over the years, I have watched films like these (especially these) and thought to myself "We need a President who acts like this. One with integrity and class. Who stands up for all of us and what is right. Who doesn't let the bullies win."
To quote a line from the last film up there,

"THANK YOU, Mr. President!"

In President Obama's first address to a joint session of Congress, he mentioned small businesses several times (I counted three, but there could be more). I cheered, applauded, and even stood up at one point - as did Congress, repeatedly. As he said, these are not Republican or Democratic issues - they are American issues. To quote that same film again, "We have serious problems and we need serious people to handle them". He's not a savior, and at this point they are still words...but there is action planned to back up those words. And that, in my opinion, is more than anyone else has stepped up to in quite some time.

We, fellow small business owners, are the backbone of industry in this country. We drive the economy. And now we have a President who recognizes our impact on the future of our nation, and has pledged his support to us.

If that alone doesn't make you stand up and cheer, I hope Harrison Ford, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas come crashing through your front door in Air Force One and talk some sense into you so you'll get with the program and work together toward solutions.

Note: I'm posting this and leaving comments open to start with. If they get nasty, rude, or disrespectful, I'm deleting them and possibly closing them. It's my blog and it's not a democracy here, it's a Debocracy. I have a right to my opinions and I have this blog to share them. You don't
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  1. I have cheered from the night of inauguration!! I believe President Obama has what it takes to get us on the right track, my only fear is he won't have enough time to get us where we need to be before his time is up!

    We as a country needs someone who believes in America and wants America be what is used to be, not taking what they need personally and letting us take the fall........

    Cheers, President Obama!

  2. With all the huge companies crumbling left and right, our small businesses have become even more important.

    I'm certainly not an economist but it's my opinion that companies which are "too big to fail" are just to big!

    I hope mom and pop businesses come back into vogue in a big way. I'm doing as much shopping and business with them as I can.

    Oh, and President Obama rocks! His priorities are spot on. If he pulls off even half of his ambitious plans, this will be a much better country for it.

  3. tears of joy ran down my face last night, it feels like he knows we are working, dreaming, waiting for a chance, he has given the small business person a voice. I had never noticed that we weren't noticed. The Polly Anna in me wants everyone to be glad.