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I'm thrilled to share with you that Grace at Design*Sponge has scheduled a featured post by yours truly on Biz Ladies today! Grace and I connected recently about her Biz Ladies events and features, and that discussion resulted in my writing for her. I am honored to be participating in such a great resource for women in business, and look forward to being a contributor from time to time.

The subject of my post is Maximize The Visual Impact of Your Business, and in it I share a few simple ways you can express your brand image & values visually - no matter what your business is. What is a brand image and how can you create one? What do you need it for? How can you use it effectively in your visual communications? (Check out the post to find out!)

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to reach a new audience. So many small businesses and independent merchants are searching for anything they can do to be noticed and thrive in this difficult economic situation we all face. The information in this post gives them a new opportunity to rise to the top and be seen the way they WANT to be seen by media, the competition, clients, and potential customers alike.
Plus, it enables me to pursue my business values of 'design.inspire.inform.educate.empower.' as I assist others in their pursuit of visual excellence. Love that! Thank you for this outstanding opportunity, Grace....

(Image Credit: Design*Sponge Biz Ladies page)

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